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Good Job


     There is a great sense of pride when a customer tells you how nice an employee was or how well an employee carried out their responsibility. It shows that the employee’s actions exceeded the expectations of the customer. Skelly’s Amusements has always had an employee rewards program; we recognize that our employee’s extra effort is what makes us number one in family fun. We decided their excellence deserved more than recognition. We decided it was time to give them something as meaningful to them as the customer’s praises were to us.

Throughout the summer of 2003 we asked random customers to take part in our employee rewards program. The customers were given a “Good Job” card with the instruction that they give the card to the employee that they believed was doing the best job. At the end of the summer, the person with the most cards received a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, our treat.

We would like to congratulate Zoila “Shorti” Gesnaker for being the person that received the most “Good Job” cards. Shorti has been with Skelly’s Amusements since May of 2001, working big rides, little rides, games and a couple of times, she even made popcorn. Her personality is genuine and her friendliness is sincere. Sometimes she even makes us laugh by saying that she should be the official height standard: “You can ride this ride if you’re as tall as me.”

If you visit Skelly’s Amusements and see her, walk up and with a friendly smile say “Good Job, Shorti!”


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